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Vinni and the Vagabonds – Phoenix (ft. Laila Samuelsen)

Ive loved this song since I first heard it, and now the video is finally out. Extra fun that my friend Ingah is playin the role of the “16 year old beautiful girl with eyes of a princess”…

Check it out:



Swedish House Mafia ft. Dreamon – Incredible (Miami 2 Ibiza Dreamix)

Oslo`s hardest working kid`o is still going strong and here is his new (and DOPE!) “dreamix” of Swedish House Mafia`s big tune Miami 2 Ibiza. Remember his name, cause he`s nuts GOOD at what he does. Let me present Dreamon, once again.

Press the picture to download link.

More Dreamon:


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‎Every human in the world is blind to his or hers own faults.

Thats how I wanna start this post, we all make mistakes at times and some of those times we make those mistakes to the people we love the most. Why do we fail so bad if we dont mean to hurt anyone? Cause we are blind to our own faults.

Have you ever done something to you best friend that you wish never happened? It dont have to be a big thing, but the smallest mistake can make the worst outcome. The fire starts from the scratch of a match..

Especially when people get to much alcohol to drink, they attend to focus on things that are not worth spending time on. Forgetting whats the most important to them, and taking care of youself and people around you. But alcohol is NEVER an excuse.

Im sorry.

To alcohol…

The cause of, and solution to,

all of life`s problems.

“Love is patient; love is kind
and envies no one.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
never selfish, not quick to take offense.
There is nothing love cannot face;
there is no limit to its faith,
its hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things
that last forever: faith, hope, and love;
but the greatest of them all is love.”

I love you, friend. I can be the pig.


Monday Morning


Todays fact:

And no, I wont be posting a fact everyday so why I called it “Todays fact”, thats another…something.



On friday I visited my girl for dinner, drinks and birthdayfun, and she surprised me with gifts 😀

“Førjulsgaver” as we call it in classic Norwegian!

She gave me this super products for my hair + a pack of Fake Bake self-tanning lotions.

Im not a big “fake baker”, but this is actually working for me. It stays on forever and ever, and it doesnt smell like other selftanning product. And its doesnt leave my skin orange and nasty!

L`oreal paris ‘Shine formula’, Sebastian treatment and L`oreal leave-in treatment. Its bliss!

‘Fake bake’ in a cute little box.

Thank you so much babe, I love it and I love you. Cutieeee!

Now im off to my girls house they havin a housewarming party in their new supercute appartment in Grünerløkka.

After that, who knows?

Have a wonderful weekend still, bloglovers!

Förjulsmyskos i Markveien

Followed by a super nice evening at my girl`s house yesterday, it was just a cozy evening with another friend today. We made a scampi dish with pastacarbonara followed by cake baking a là Annika and Johanna. Myspys!

As the evening goes on were gonna watch movies and just stay warm. Freakin fabolous friday!!!

Feelin the smell of snickerscakeand dumlecake? Hahahahahahahahaha:




Candy with a souvenire?

Klementiner mmm

Gossip gossip gossip

And here is why I have to keep warm:

HAHAHA, trainwreck

Can you smell te cake now?



Friends. I love that word.

Been readin blogs all day and found a post about friends. Inspired.

And Im so thankful for those I have close to me. I havent always been this lucky. As many have been, Ive been thru some serious bullyin’ when I was younger- and that made me aware of who to stay away from and who to take in. Now that Im no longer a kid, I can stop being embarrased about that, and rather embrase it. I mean, you gotta love a hater. I really appriciate the friends I got close to me, and most of them Ive known for 7-9 years and we still go hard, together.

There is a reason we still like glue. Its love.

I have the type of friends that tells me the truth and nothing but the truth. I have the type of friends that buys me a coffee or a ticket to the movie, if Im broke. I have the type of friends that goes out on a night on town with me if Im sad or frustrated and nobody to go with. I have the type of friends that always got my back, no matter what.

When Im with my girls, there is no such thing as awkward silence.

But most of the time we`re not silent. We`re LOUD.

My friends play dress-up for my birthdayparties.

My friends dont leave me when I had way too much to drink.

My friends let me drink beer from a straw.


Point taken?

But offcourse, friends fight aswell. Its sad, but it happens. Whats good about it, is that if its real friends- you will always find your way back together, somehow. I have a good friend of mine that Ive known since I was a 13 yr old THUG!!! – And we havent talked since before summer sometime. But we just started dating again, haha, and Im very happy about that.

If its a real friend, dont let that person go to waste.

Bonjour future!

Bonjour, hello, salam, hej, jambo!

So here I am, under my duve in my big ass bed, all alone – and sick of this PAIN. Been queasy for over a week now, and during last night some basils and demons faught inside of me against the good germs and the and guess who won? Demon fuckers!

I can mention some of my issues right now:

My neck.

Swollen tonsils.



All this, at once, 2 weeks after I started my new job. FML.

So, enough of my problems, what I hate most is people that complains, and I dont wanna be one of them. People have bigger issues and blablabla, the only reason I told you is to give you (that follows me on twitter lol) a picture of why Ive been SO ACTIVE today.

Not long ago, i moved back with my fam (after living by myself for 5 years) to save some money and help out at home, its been kinda hard – its not like most other people have it when they move home. I wash my own clothes, wash my own room (and the whole aparment), I cook and I work- I dont wear my moms out with stuff Im totally capable of doing on my own. I leave that to my younger brother…

So, today Ive been surfin the net for all kinds of apparment-inspo so I can create a image of how I want it when Im moving out again. Idk, I want it all. But here is A WHOLE LOTTA photos I bumped into that trigger my creative side.

I want something romantic, yet fresh, yet retro, yet cool, yet sexy, luxourious, floral- but still simple. Idk.



I love all these photos, and they inspire me to work hard so that I one day can have nice things like this. And yes, I know that I dont need all the money in the world to create my dream home, but everything goes with your lifestyle.

+ I always had a dream about being a interiour designer.

Danny & Pumba – Stil (Dreamix) ft. Dreamon and Adam Tensta



More info on the artists, check out: – Dreamon – Adam Tensta – Dannyboy – Pumba


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