Photography + Words = $

Devote yourself to an idea. Go make it happen. Struggle on it. Overcome your fears. Smile.

Dont you forget: this is your dream.

At times, everybody is scared of something. Scared of the dark, scared of bugs, scared of heights, scared of people, or even scared of life. What you should not do, is run from your fears. Face them.

Its funny how I am skribbling about it, since I am such a big sissy.

You are not supposed to look back, you are supposed to keep going!

There are an infinite amount of fears endemic to our world today, and to overcome our fears to accomplish our dreams, we must first start with the acknowledgment that our phobia of whatever is holding us back from completing our dreams.

Are you scared? Admit it to yourself.

Turn the negative into something positive.

As we make the music, we dream the dreams.

Stop and listen.

To others, but most important – to yourself.

Be realistic. Im never gonna dunk a basketball, and Im never gonna kill a lion either. Stay focused on dreams you can and will acchive, thats so much more giving. And stop being affraid. Please.

And for those who dont belive in you, or support you no matter what;

Remember that nobody is like you, you are you – you have your own fears, you fight them how you want and in your own tempo. Dont let anyone get you down. But also remember that your friends are there for you and are propably only trying to help you.

Just speak out and tell them how you want to be told.


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