Eight hours of terror.

Those eight hours I slept last night, waiting for that final confirmation.

Last night my bestfriend pitched me something… “Lets leave for Spain in Jan/ Feb?”

“We can stay at [friend]`s house so all we need is the ticket”

This morning was like all other mornings. Exept the fact that Im free from work, jippi to that. And, that I felt like a kid on christmas eve waiting for my friend to come back to me regarding the trip to Spain. So I was sitting in bed (i spend most of my time at home in my room…), drinkin my black coffee like everyday, eatin some crackerbread and listening to the radio. Then it came.

The facebook tag : )

Tickets are paid for.

WHAT?! Lets go!

Ive already started planning what to bring with me, haha. I love love love travelling and its been a while since the last time Ive travelled outside of Norway so this was a maaaarvel christmas gift. I have a feeling (like every year tho) that 2011 is gonna bring alot of joy and happiness, Im more focused than ever, and I know what I want.

Im leaving the snow behind me. Im leaving the cold. The town. The people. The drama.

For a Spanish fall. The sun. Good friends. Drinks. Less clothes. Love.

Ah. I cant wait.

May last year, my friend that we are visiting got married and I was one of the only girls that didnt get to go. Sadly work got in my way and I couldnt risk losing it for leaving. So now, finally I get to visit her and see how its like for her to live down there.

We are gonna have so much fun!!!

Even if its not season for bikinis ad beach right now, Ill gurantee to bring you back some beachy-pictures.

Deuces, Oslo!


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