Streetfashion = Oslo

Its already in my name. Osloblossoms.

Oslo… Oslo, Oslo, Oslo…

What is the problem?

We have a bunch of fashionistas in this town. We have a bunch of  talented photographers. We have a bunch of people who wants a 5 min fame by gettin their picture taken. Where is the Oslo Streetstyle blogs?????

Take as an example. Ok, Stockholm is bigger, and its also a bigger fashion capitol, but so what? Ive seen this town with my own eyes, and we have enough to make it aswell. Oslo is climbing up that range to get recognized within fashion, but we have to push it harder. And as im looking online for some good streetstyle blogs in Oslo, I find…


and, that was it.


So im letting you all know, that when I get to buy myself a HQ camera, Im coming for ya.

OsloBlossoms = Streetfashion Oslo, 2011.


4 thoughts on “Streetfashion = Oslo

  1. Maria says:

    Streethearts er jo en av de beste streetstyle bloggerne, synes jeg. Og der er det jo en norsk fyr som er fotograf, saa er en del Oslo folk der. 🙂 🙂

    • Annika Sofie says:

      Det har du helt rett i, Maria. Men jeg tenker mer en helnorsk blogg som baseres på Oslo`s stil da… Myeeeee bra fra Oslo på streethearts, men mesteparten er jo fra andre byer 🙂

  2. Liv says:

    Jeg er sååå enig, jeg søkte nettop på Oslostreet fashion. Nada, null, niks kom opp.
    Søt blogg, skal se videre på den straks. Måtte bare komentere dette først!
    Lykke til videre!

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