is the day we been waiting for. Or, I have not really been waiting for today, Ive been waiting for yesterday, cause my vacation started yesterday. And I dont know if I know that many people that been waiting for today either acctually. Christmas gets less and less special every year. My mom just came into my room and asked me if we could cancel christmas. WHAT? THANKS MOM. Here I am trying real hard to find the inner spirit that I lost and so badly wants back and you come and ask me that. Yeah…

Now back to my post.

What to wear for christmas eve? I dont know about you, but Im not going out after beeing with the fambam. Like every year, we celebrate at my grandparents place, and I attend to stay there for 2-3 days to relax and pamper myself before gettin back to work and everyday life. Anyways, my outfit for today has to be something pretty but casual. Since Im gonna chill out and relax, I mean.

What about you?


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