Friends. I love that word.

Been readin blogs all day and found a post about friends. Inspired.

And Im so thankful for those I have close to me. I havent always been this lucky. As many have been, Ive been thru some serious bullyin’ when I was younger- and that made me aware of who to stay away from and who to take in. Now that Im no longer a kid, I can stop being embarrased about that, and rather embrase it. I mean, you gotta love a hater. I really appriciate the friends I got close to me, and most of them Ive known for 7-9 years and we still go hard, together.

There is a reason we still like glue. Its love.

I have the type of friends that tells me the truth and nothing but the truth. I have the type of friends that buys me a coffee or a ticket to the movie, if Im broke. I have the type of friends that goes out on a night on town with me if Im sad or frustrated and nobody to go with. I have the type of friends that always got my back, no matter what.

When Im with my girls, there is no such thing as awkward silence.

But most of the time we`re not silent. We`re LOUD.

My friends play dress-up for my birthdayparties.

My friends dont leave me when I had way too much to drink.

My friends let me drink beer from a straw.


Point taken?

But offcourse, friends fight aswell. Its sad, but it happens. Whats good about it, is that if its real friends- you will always find your way back together, somehow. I have a good friend of mine that Ive known since I was a 13 yr old THUG!!! – And we havent talked since before summer sometime. But we just started dating again, haha, and Im very happy about that.

If its a real friend, dont let that person go to waste.


2 thoughts on “Friends.

  1. Tiff says:

    duuuu er nydelig <3, btw, har du bare svarte venner? LOOOL! Sorry, måtte benytte anledningen 😛

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