Bonjour future!

Bonjour, hello, salam, hej, jambo!

So here I am, under my duve in my big ass bed, all alone – and sick of this PAIN. Been queasy for over a week now, and during last night some basils and demons faught inside of me against the good germs and the and guess who won? Demon fuckers!

I can mention some of my issues right now:

My neck.

Swollen tonsils.



All this, at once, 2 weeks after I started my new job. FML.

So, enough of my problems, what I hate most is people that complains, and I dont wanna be one of them. People have bigger issues and blablabla, the only reason I told you is to give you (that follows me on twitter lol) a picture of why Ive been SO ACTIVE today.

Not long ago, i moved back with my fam (after living by myself for 5 years) to save some money and help out at home, its been kinda hard – its not like most other people have it when they move home. I wash my own clothes, wash my own room (and the whole aparment), I cook and I work- I dont wear my moms out with stuff Im totally capable of doing on my own. I leave that to my younger brother…

So, today Ive been surfin the net for all kinds of apparment-inspo so I can create a image of how I want it when Im moving out again. Idk, I want it all. But here is A WHOLE LOTTA photos I bumped into that trigger my creative side.

I want something romantic, yet fresh, yet retro, yet cool, yet sexy, luxourious, floral- but still simple. Idk.



I love all these photos, and they inspire me to work hard so that I one day can have nice things like this. And yes, I know that I dont need all the money in the world to create my dream home, but everything goes with your lifestyle.

+ I always had a dream about being a interiour designer.


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