Lørdag og Søndag og Mandag og sånt.

This saturday, I was at the JUICY 6yrs anniversary at Club Blå – and it was as CRAZY as I thought it would be + some more!

Tappet for energi, thats me. Figure it out.

(Its impossible for me to look normal in photos after that much to drink)

These photos by: Mia Jacobsen

Check out Mike for pictures aswell.

Adam dropped by and gave us all a show too, thank you for shaking Oslo during the last week /end !!!

Sunday was the most chill day ever, i did: NOTHING. All day. Lovely smaash!

This is nemlig how I felt:

And then, monday came sneaking on me like always, nothing new… I woke up at 7, and I wanted to cry!!! Tonight I think Im gonna put the coffe pot in my room so all I need to do is switch it on and drink my coffee in bed along with my supercool retro radio on.

After work today, I met up with my honeys at Cafe Fresco for some coffee, but I had too much during the day (BLUEMONDAY) so I skipped the coffee. The company was ultranice tho. Alfa omega! After I went window shopping with my girl Sea, now I know some items that Im getting next week. #MerryXmasAnnikaYouDeserveAGiftOrTwo!

I had no ideas for dinner today, since Im kinda broke waiting for the MUNNY to park inside my parking account, that BTW is open 24/7 if you have anything to park… so I ended up with this:

Yoghurt with Cappuchino and nuts with some Fishcakes on the side. Voila! #TopChef

Goodnight from me and my webcam:



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