Weekend yao!

Endelig helg. Finally weekend.

Maybe I should start writing in English and Norwegian at the same time so all of you can learn some? Haha. Or maybe not.

This week went like that, and now its Friday. I think time flies alot faster the older I get, do you feel the same way? I remember when I was still a kid and walking home from school, it felt like a 3 hours walk everyday, but really it takes me 7 min.

I kinda like that it flies, specially through the wintermonths, cause i riiiiiiiily hate the cold outside. Do you know that it hasnt been this cold in November in 1000 years?!? Fuck you global warming!


Dont mind me. I know i look retarded.

On Wednesday as you know if you read my blog, I went to the EMI party at Parkteatret. It was alot of fun, and my friend Adam tore down the stage with Dida before the talented Tinie Tempah tore it down again. GS (god stemning); check. Good music; check. Redwine; check. Good friends; check! Cant ask for more. It wasnt only me and Tiffany, we were a whole bunch of ppl.

#Confetties #PoddiSquad #Baws

After the concerts we all went to Revolver to have some more fun. We danced kuduro, we jumped (even more, OMG I JUMPED ALOT TO TINIE….), danced on chairs and sang along. Great fun… Untill i fell asleep at someones shoulder.

Today its chill time I think; really not feelin well. Some sickness spreadin around town. Can it be The Plot? Maybe.

Tomorrow, anyways I dont care how sick I am – cause its Juicy`s 6yrs anniversary @Blå og Ingensteds. Im gonna be jumping from 9 till 6 in the morning cause I dont caaaaaaare… #Rockstar.


#Yes we a`go paaati aaaaaaRd`


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