EMI, suck on that.

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Thats what happens when facebook SHUTS MY PAGE DOWN, fuckers! I go crazy on the webcam.

OK, jokes – i was gonna take one shot for my “I am so tired today” post, but instead it came out ten, or eleven aaah FOOK i dunno i didnt count them… You get the point. And FOOK the “I am so tired today” post aswell. Im awake again.

But anyways (I cant concentrate on one thing haha, the post is not those pics) – yesterday I got a happy email in my inbox from Gisle at the Norwegian blog site 730.no.

I won guestlist to EMI`s private Tinie Tempah showcase (w./ Adam Tensta etc.) tomorrow at Parkteatret. Jiiiiz my ass is made outta gold!!! Thank you, the man upstairs, that created my ass. I appriciate it, so much. It takes me back to Monday school (Christian kids school) when I won something for the first time in my life. It was a big, very big wood house. Kinda like a Barbie and Ken cabin?

It was very nice, “flott” as we would say in Norwegian – but what the f* -WTF, was a 6 yr old girl doin with a big wood house? Play Jesus and Maria in my room? I dont know. Tho I was kinda happy, cause I never had a Barbie house. Shit was expencive.

Aaaaaaanyways again; can u see how fast i lose track?

I am very exited about tomorrow tho, its gonna be so much fun. Guess who Im taking with me?



My little sister! YAY

Ok, jokes again. Bad joke. I just wanted you too see my cute sis.

Drumroll again…


Pass dere nå, jævla partysvensker!


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