Games we play

It’s so funny how many games we play with each other all day and always.
I’m not going to text him, and I’m gonna wait for him to text me, but then he hasn’t. Is he waiting for me to text him, or is he just not texting?

I also wonder though, if it’s always the guys job to contact the girl, don’t the guys ever crave the attention and wooing as well?

We put on extra make up and dress up nicely to go to snooty stores just so the women who work there don’t judge us. We spend money we don’t have to buy a “label” to impress people we don’t even know. We lose more and more weight, so we can be skinnier than the next girl and to be able to maybe, hopefully feel “better than”. We judge people based on the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, the house they live in etc etc. We judge people based on what their parents do and how much money their parents make, as if it has anything to do with the person itself. We judge people based on the city they live in, or if they live above or below sunset. We judge people based on their status in this world, that is decided by all of these superficial things. Matt Damon said it himself, that most people don’t even ask what it’s like to make movies, to act etc etc. All they want to know is what it’s like to be famous.
And we do all of these things just to make other people like us. We act as if other people liking us is more important than us liking ourselves.

You read all this and I write all this….and I still want to say, “why didn’t he text”

Kom over denne teksten og måtte da “Re-Blogge” den. OhMiGodd jeg har blitt tweeteroman.


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