Rewarded with 5000

On saturday, i wasnt going out. THANK GOD i went out.
I came to the club with a empty wallet and walked out of there smiling like you never seen me smiling before. And with 5000 kr in my pocket offcourse… hahhaha, fantastic!

I went to Skansen to check out the new concept “REWARD FASHION”. At the event they had 3 guest jugdes picking out 10 people with the style they where looking for. I was one of them, and and the end of the night i was the only one.

I didnt understand that i won even after i won, i just stood there like an idiot not knowing what to say or do. So i smiled like a tard’.

I WON! ANNIKA WON! I never win… Anything.

So thank you, reward fashion – now im going out to buy myself something pretty pretty.

This is how i looked earlier that night…
Not happy, and not going out.


One thought on “Rewarded with 5000

  1. Noisz says:

    Anybody knows you, know that you got greatest tastes… better yet you have style!!!…
    I suggest you do something about it…


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